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Retirement Announcement

I am retiring from clinical practice September 1, 2016. I feel honored to have received the trust
of so many clients over the past 40 years. I wish you well in your search for healing and well-being.

Psychotherapy for Individuals, Couples, Groups, and Families
Relationship Coaching for Singles

Empowering people to create the lives they want.

The challenges that complicate our lives also give us opportunities to grow. As we look deeper at our concerns, we may see patterns in how we relate to others and how they respond to us, which result in repeated difficulties in intimate relationships, ongoing conflict with coworkers, or constant fears of disappointing others. These patterns may indicate deeper issues--limiting beliefs we harbor from the past or emotional wounds from traumas that affect life today.

By releasing the pain and putting these issues into perspective, we invite our deepest potential to emerge. Everything we need to know about healing our emotional wounds is within each of us, but it often takes an experienced guide to help us reach our potential. That's where Alice Carlton, LCSW, can help--with solution-focused treatment to guide you through the growth process.


Alice Carlton does not believe in "one size fits all" counseling. She understands the unique intricacies that make you--you. This is why she utilizes an integrated treatment approach to bring about changes rapidly and naturally. She's chosen to do this because traditional psychotherapy--dialogue between therapist and client--isn't always enough to help individuals move beyond self-defeating thoughts and behaviors, especially if they're faced with past trauma.

Let her help you free yourself from deeply rooted limitations, and experience positive changes quickly.

(The Shaman's Handprint comes from the prehistoric Anasazi Indians who made their home on the mesa tops in the American southwest. It is a symbol of healing, peace, power, and protection. The spiral in the palm emphasizes the Shaman's special healing energy.)

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