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Many people struggle with creating intimate relationships and choosing a partner. That's because many unions are based on old, often negative, patterns that evolved from previous experiences, and how we grew up. For some people, these memories stand in the way of their ability to create fulfilling relationships today. Alice has helped hundreds of women and men find the love they want and develop a deeper knowledge of their own needs, while learning to love and accept themselves in the process.

Your past does not have to shape your future. Alice is trained in innovative techniques such as Imago Relationship Therapy to help you shape and mold the future you want.

Created by Harville Hendrix, Ph.D., author of GETTING THE LOVE YOU WANT: A GUIDE FOR COUPLES and KEEPING THE LOVE YOU FIND: A GUIDE FOR SINGLES, Imago offers us the promise of creating truly healing intimate partnerships. Alice trained with Harville himself in 1992 and, as a Certified Imago Relationship Therapist, is able to help you uncover the past hurts which still influence your life today. This is how it works: you survived these past hurts by building certain defenses. And while these defenses may have saved you from pain years ago, they are now limiting your life and causing you pain in the process.

Imago Relationship Therapy focuses on helping you grow beyond these defenses in order to overcome unfulfilling relationships or the hollowness in your heart. Whatever it is that is holding you back, rest assured that Alice will work with you to eliminate it and empower you to create the life and relationships you really want.

"Never before have I met someone with such a real sense of what a couple--and a family--is, in all its complexity. Alice has helped my marriage avoid negative patterns and grow into a healthy, fulfilling relationship." --client

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