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Alice, who holds a Master's in Early Childhood Education, began her career as director of a kindergarten-day care center. She noticed that children who exhibited difficulties at her center often came from families having difficulties at home. During conferences with parents, she became concerned about how to help these families. This experience led to her decision to enter the UNC School of Social Work in 1974. Learning about family systems and family therapy was a big component of her training in the School of Social Work. She received her Masters in Social Work with major in mental health in 1976.

Helping children and adolescents develop a healthy self-image and value for their own unique abilities is a challenge for every parent. Perhaps your child is having difficulties at school, or trouble developing friendships. Or maybe you're considering a divorce, have had a recent death in the family, or have moved to a new home. These issues create stress for young people, and may be difficult to work through alone. Alice offers individual and family counseling to help families face these issues.

"When my parents decided to get a divorce, Alice really helped. I was finally able to express my feelings and to have my family really listen to me. It made all the difference." --client

As a member of the Chapel Hill High School Drug and Alcohol Awareness Task Force 2003-2005,
Alice helped produce a booklet for parents called Parent Power: Prevent Substance Abuse Before it Starts.
CLICK HERE to download your own PDF copy. ( PDF's require the Adobe Acrobat Reader ).
Learn effective parenting strategies to prevent substance abuse in your child as he/she navigates
these pervasive temptations during adolescence.

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