An unhappily married young woman

A poetry class

life lessons

And a fateful message from long ago

About the Book

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An unhappily married young woman joins a poetry writing class where she meets a man whose name the Ouija Board had spelled out years ago as the man she would marry. Mystified, she enjoys their unfolding friendship as poetry fills the empty place in her heart. To free herself from her angry husband, she enlists an experienced therapist who helps her learn to take charge of her life.

About Alice

During my 40 years as a clinical social worker/therapist, I counseled many couples in distress and gained much insight into relationship difficulties. My stories have characters who are therapists to show what really happens in therapy and how much it can help. With the right help, you can make your life better.


Alice's Poetry

My poetry arises from experiences that touch me deep inside.  It begins out of silence, first a feeling, then an image, then the words come. Sometimes they struggle to be born. Other times, they flow out fully formed.

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Also in the Works from Alice

Guy Grant devotes his entire life to the NRA. But after his beloved grandson is killed in a school shooting, he is left grief-stricken and questioning everything he once believed in.

Teenager Sam Schuyler suffers with depression after his father leaves the family and spirals into an endless cycle of shame after he discovers he knows the shooter and could have prevented the massacre.

As Guy and Sam struggle with guilt and grief, their lives come together, forever changed.

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It started with a printer problem. For mysterious reasons, my printer refused to print. My tech wizard husband, Dave, did his best with little success. Occasionally it would print something hours later. My computer would declare the printer was offline when it wasn’t. Turning the printer off and on didn’t work. Although the printer was wireless, we decided to move it closer to the computer…

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