My poetry arises from experiences that touch me deep inside.  It begins out of silence, first a feeling, then an image, then the words come. Sometimes they struggle to be born. Other times, they flow out fully formed. This poem came fully formed. It’s published in Friends Journal, February 2020.

How to See

I close my eyes in silence,

enter the inner elevator

and press “down.”

I look around as I descend

into the darkness inside.

What will I find this time?

Those many doors to open,

a multitude of voices to hear.

I tune in with wonder.

There is a voice that knows,

a light that shines the way ahead

one step at a time,

if I listen deep enough.

I trust the way will open.

I breathe deep and

feel the expansion begin,

opening inward and outward.

I wait expectantly

for that sense of what is whole and true

that never fails to guide me.

I open my eyes.

I see.

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