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After two heart attacks, Guy Grant regrets his single-minded focus on career. Rising to be the NRA’s chief lobbyist has left him divorced and alienated from his children. He longs to reconnect with his daughter and six-year-old grandson.

Teenager Sam Schuyler struggles with depression and rage after his father abandons the family. His mother gets him into therapy. Sam hates it at first but gradually forms a bond with his therapist and begins to recover.

Sam knows a disturbed classmate, Rick Green, is trouble but has no idea what he’s planning. After Rick shoots up three schools, killing over ninety students and staff, Guy is injured and his grandson is killed. Grief-stricken, he contemplates suicide, but an experienced psychiatrist guides him to rethink his life.

Sam and Guy’s lives intersect in unexpected ways and are forever changed. The result is a radical plan for tackling the issue of how to quell gun violence in America.